Feel like taking a light yet flavoursome meal? Or bound by your calorie count? So what else can be better than having a combo of refreshing veggies with some juicy protein; an exotic salad? Not to worry when Kebab Uncle is here to take your preferences into account! And we are making you exactly what you want.

Variety is the SPICE OF LIFE and here at Kebab Uncle we believe in keeping it SPICY, for you to enjoy life with different varieties of delicious food.

Another innovation! Another wholesome meal! But the same healthilicious Salad with a twist! Same Salad with the twist of your favourite Chicken Kebab! Sí amigo! A Chicken Kebab Salad.

After so much appreciation that our Grilled Chicken Salad has received, now, Kebab Uncle has paired its refreshing salad treat with the lip smacking Grilled Chicken Kebab.

Yes, the Chicken Kebab chunks now bedeck the salad pile making it a complete luxury to satiate your hunger. This guilt free plate of food is made up of fresh veggies including sliced cucumbers, lettuce, cherry tomatoes and olives. To take the nutrition level a notch higher, these veggies collaborate finely with walnuts and black olives to give you an amazing experience of an extraordinary fusion. This festivity is further elevated by shredded cheese which works as the perfect flavour enhancer while giving it a unique texture. Finally topped with our signature home made dressing, which brings it all together adding an extra zing, this plate of goodness is all that one would want at any time of the day.

Try this new Chicken Kebab Salad and we assure you that you won’t regret your choice and will certainly come back for more! Let us know whenever you want to give it a try and we will serve you our best.


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