A delish ground beef kebab grilled on a skewer to perfection, wrapped in extra soft pita bread along with fine cheese and our creamy signature sauce makes it an irresistible treat to unwrap the goodness within and relish to contentment! The emerging hot seller is so scrumptious that you would keep coming back for more. The zing of this enticing stellar in a wrap will take your breath away!


Every good thing comes in a wrap to unfold and cherish the blessings step by step. Similarly our Beef Skewer Kebab Wrap lets you unfold the heart warming bounties with every bite and makes you feel grateful for having Kebab Uncle around; one of the great places to eat in DFW!

A wrap has always been a true foodie’s thing and we wonder how a hardcore foodie can resist our scrumptious Beef Skewer Kebab Wrap! We bet you will be enthralled by the zing of this exciting stellar! The moment you catch a whiff of our Beef Skewer Kebab Wrap you will instantly fall for it.

As at Kebab Uncle’s, the East meets the West, our hearty Beef Skewer Kebab Wrap is a fine example of this idea and is one of its kind which you will only find with us. The exotic flavor of this Beef Skewer Kebab Wrap will leave an everlasting impact on your palate that you will surely never ever forget and will become its true fan.

This Beef Skewer Kebab Wrap is the hot seller because of its unique traditional flavor. We use fresh meat to provide our valued customers the best quality food as we would want to plate out for our loved ones. The freshness of the meat gives the kebab an absolute vitality that makes it a stress busting piece of art that will instantly sweep you off your feet. It is further taken up a notch with the addition of well balanced condiments which load its guns with flavour bombs that will explode your taste sensation with delight and will inspire you with awe. We select the best cheese for the die hard cheese lover inside you to take pleasure in every bite. Our signature sauce is a specialty that makes this Beef Skewer Kebab Wrap a perfect fold of sheer glory and joy.

We serve our customers freshly cooked food as per our ‘just in-time cooking’ policy to double the fun filled eating experience. The tasty, sizzling hot beef kebab taken right off the grill, wrapped in a fluffy pita bread with an addition of yummilicious cheese and our signature sauce is the right choice to take your palate on an exciting flight of flavors and satisfy your wild hunger monster. The very first bite of the enticing stuck out kebab gives you a head start to enjoy your meal to the last bite and we promise you would ask for more.
So just don’t wait for another minute! Order our flavorful Beef Skewer Kebab Wrap right now and give yourself the yummiest present of the day! See our Menu


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